How to Make Your Own Chunky Yarn

If you know me, you know I love some chunky yarn. There's nothing better than some extra large needles or no needles at all!

There are many great super bulky yarns out there, but what's a yarnaholic to do if all you have are some worsted weight skeins lying around.

Here is a tutorial in pictures of how I turn worsted weight yarn into super bulky yarn for my arm knitting projects!

All you need are two skeins of your favorite worsted (or bulkier) weight yarn and a giant 25mm crochet hook. I love these hooks for all sorts of super bulky projects. You can find them here.

You can use a smaller hook and it will produce a more "rope-like" strand of bulky yarn.

Make a slip knot holding a strand from each skein and place the loop on the crochet hook. Working with the yarn coming from the skeins, yarn over and pull through the loop on the hook to chain the same way you would make a foundation chain in crochet.

Chain the rest of the yarn in your skeins. You can use this super bulky chain strand to use giant needles or crochet hooks or even arm knit! This method also yields a very long strand, longer than most super bulky yarns you find at the craft store.

Use this method to knit up a super quick arm-knit scarf from any left over yarns you might have! If you have a lot of spare yarn around, combing several strands will make a really dense, rug-like texture.

Now your super bulky aspirations are only limited by your imagination! And not by what super bulky yarns are around.

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