How to Crochet a Scrunchie 3 Ways

Spring time is all about those stash-busting projects! Scunchies are fun and flirty, perfect in all weather and fantastic stash busters. In this post, I've detailed my 3 favorite ways to crochet scrunchies with worsted weight yarn and I hope you'll try them out and find one you love too.

And finally for you visual learners, I've got a video tutorial! Check it out here:

1. In the round

I love to crochet in the round so this method was a no brainer for me.

You start by joining a small chain in the round around a hair elastic.

In worsted weight yarn with a size J (6mm) hook, this was 8 chains.

Then, I half double crocheted in a spiral around and around the hair tie, forming a tube.

The key is to keep crocheting around even after the two ends of your work meet. This can be fiddly but the more rounds you crochet, the more scrunch you'll get.

When your happy with the level of scrunch, fasten off and seam the ends of your tube together!

This produces a very classic, 90s, chunky scrunchie that's fun and easy to work up.

2. The ruffle scrunchie

This method involves crocheting each stitch around the elastic.

To begin, insert your hook into the hair tie, place your slip knot on the hook. Pull it though, holding your working yarn in back and chain 3. Begin making double crochets around the hair tie.

The number of double crochets will depend on the size of hair tie and yarn gauge but just make sure the whole elastic is covered, then slip stitch into the top of your chain 3 to close the round.

For round 2, chain 3 and make a double crochet into that same stitch. Then make 2dc into the next stitch and 3dc in the next stitch! The 2nd round repeat will be *2dc, 2dc, 3dc* rep to the end of the round. And don't worry if you can't complete a full repeat sequence before you run out of stitches since we didn't necessarily count sts in round 1.

This makes a light, delicate ruffle scrunchie and is a great stash buster since it uses a small amount of yarn.

3. Worked flat

This method offers the most versatility of the 3. It involves crocheting a flat piece and seaming it around the hair elastic, first, into a tube the seaming the tube closed.

To figure out how long to make your initial chain, pinch your elastic and find out how "long" it is. Mine was 2.5" (6.5cm) and multiply that number by 6. So a 15 inch (38cm) long starting chain is how long I needed for the size hair tie I was using.

In my worsted weight yarn and 6mm (US J) hook, that was 52 chs to make 51 half double crochet stitches. Now you can crochet any stitch pattern you like until your piece measures 3 inches tall. As I mentioned, I did half double crochet and worked them through the back loops for added texture. But get creative and use any stitch you'd like!

Make your piece narrower or wider to control the chunkiness of your scrunchie.

To seam your scrunchie up, wrap the work around the hair tie and seam it into a tube, seaming

the starting chain to your last row to close it up and bury the hair elastic inside. Slip stitching into the back loops of the final row will make the seam lay flatter.

There you have it! I hope you liked these ideas for crochet scrunchies and put your own twists on these easy stash busters. Feel free to share your scrunchies on Instagram so I can take a look at 'um!




I'm Michelle

I'm a knitting and crochet designer from a small town in Arizona.  Now I live in Tel Aviv, Israel with my husband Daniel and baby Ariella. When I'm not knitting or crocheting, I'm... shopping for more yarn.

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