How to Crochet this Forever 21 Fringe Halter Top - Reverse Engiknitting Episode 1

Every time I'm out shopping or browsing online and I see mass-produced knitted and crocheted items, I'm always thinking, "psh...I can make that." Well I decided to finally put that to the test! With this series, Reverse Engiknitting, I will try to actually reverse engineer patterns from big brand names for your amusement!

For this first episode, I found a crocheted top on that really spoke to me. What particularly stood out was a triangle mesh down the front that was reminiscent of a scarf pattern of mine, so I knew I could at least re-create that element.

I sat down with my example photo pulled up and tried to re-create the first bra cup. I could tell that it was the sort of cup that starts with a foundation chain at the center so I counted up the stitches. It seemed like a worsted weight cotton would do the job for this project so I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran as well as a 3.75mm crochet hook to get a nice tight gauge and prevent peek-a-boobies.

Below you'll find the written pattern and also a Youtube tutorial of exactly how I made this top!

Click HERE to get a downloadable copy of the written pattern.

First bra cup:

For a B-C cup, ch 14

Skip the first 3 chs and make 1dc in the next ch and in every ch of the foundation chain up to the last ch. (11dcs)

In the last ch, make 7dcs all into the same ch. **Mark the 4th dc for easy increasing in future rows**

Then Make 1dc in the back of each foundation chain (11dcs after 7dc cluster).

Row 2:

Ch3 and turn, make 1dc in each st up to the marked st. Again make 7dcs in the marked st, placing marker in 4th dc. Continue making 1dc in each st to the end of the row.

Repeat 6 times for a large B/medium C or repeat 5 times for a small B.

Mesh border:

Ch 4, skip 1 st and make 1dc in the next st. *Ch1, skip 1 st, and make 1dc in the next st* rep between ** to marked st. In marked stitch, place a V stitch (1dc, ch1, 1dc). Then continue *Ch1, skip 1 st, and make 1dc in next st** all the way to the end.

Mesh border row 2:

Ch3, and make 1dc in the next ch space. *Ch1, and make 1dc in next ch space* rep between ** to V stitch. In V stitch, place another V stitch and continue the mesh pattern to the end of the row.

Leave the last 5 ch spaces of one of the cups unworked so we can join the two cups together while we finish the border of the 2nd cup.

Join as you go:

With your working yarn still attached to cup #2 and the last 5 ch spaces unworked, take cup #1 and make 1sc into the 5th to last ch space of cup #1. Then make 1dc in the ch space of cup #2. Repeat until the last 5 ch spaces are finished of cup 2 and the two cups are joined.

Double crochet border:

Fasten off and reattach your yarn at one corner. Alternate 2dcs, 3dcs around each of the edge stitches of the bottom of your bra top.

Triangle Mesh:

To begin the triangle mesh, ch 7, skip 5 and make 1sc in the 6th st. Then *ch6, skip 4 and make 1sc in the 5th st* repeat to the last 5 (give or take a couple) stitches of the row. Ch3, and make 1tr in the last stitch of the row.

Row 2: Ch6, and make 1sc in the next ch space. Repeat to the last chain space. Ch3, and make 1tr in the last ch space of the row. Repeat until you only have two chain loop spaces left, then simply ch6 and make 1sc in the last ch space.


Use a DVD jacket or book to wrap around and make 6 strand fringe bundles. Attach one bundle to each outer loop from the triangle mesh.


Make 4 chs about 15 inches long (the top straps can be a little shorter) and attach them at the bottom corners and top corners of the crochet top.

I think my version of the top turned out pretty well! And reverse engineering a pattern from pics of this crochet top from Forever 21 was a fun challenge. I hope to try more of these in the future. Let me know if you enjoyed it or if you find anything you wanna see reverse engiknitted!


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